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Renting your Property in Turkey

Renting Your Property in Turkey

Let us please start by saying that not everyone wishes to rent their property out when they are not using it. In fact only about 70% of owners will, but if you are thinking about renting your property in Turkey then we have everything set up for you including all of the property management, airport transfers and the best bit of all is supplying you with clients.

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Rental Income

Partly with the downturn in the European economy and its own economic strengths Turkey has very quickly become the No.1 spot for property investment. Financial reports everywhere will tell you of the strong Turkish economy, its goverment investment programme and about the amount of overseas investors buying into the Turkish property market.

Whether you are buying for a holiday home, rental investment or a bit of both the numbers always have to stack up and certainly when you are looking for a rental income then Turkey is always top of the list.

Renting Your property in Turkey

Many of our property owners have web pages on the holiday site “Owners Direct ” “Holiday Lettings ” “Booking dot com” to name but a few and are very successful with their rentals. We always have a supply of holiday makers looking to upgrade their hotel room or book an apartment or villa, so we can help as well.

An excellent rental income can be achieved from renting your property in Turkey over the summer season should you wish to rent it out. Please ask us for more details

Orka Homes will market your property in many ways. We have got exclusive contracts with many well known English and Dutch Tour Operators. These holiday companies have large client banks wishing to rent private properties in Turkey.

The tour operators market Orka Homes private properties under private package holidays for those wishing to have a more luxurious holiday but still have the advantage and use of all the amenities of the Club Orka Resort Hotel.

Orka Homes also have an extremely high client base where holiday makers can book a private villa or apartment through Orka Holidays group.

Property Management

We handle all aspects of the holiday rental including supplying rental clients, airport transfers, cleaning and maintenance. We provide a 24 hour 7 day a week service for all our guests and our own two hotels in the area which handle all of the property management are rated as a 4* Club Orka Resort and a 5* Orka Sunlife Hotel.

We have won many awards not only for our building and construction but also for our outstanding guest and property management. All of our properties in the holiday brochures have a minimum of a 4* rating.

Orka Homes Testimonial One of the best decisions we ever made to buy a Villa in Turkey.…. ~ Natasha and Bruce

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