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Property Buying Process

Unlike many companies when you see our properties in Turkey for sale and buy a property from Orka Homes that is really only the start of the relationship. We do not just say thank you and good bye we say thank you and welcome into the Orka Homes family. Our communication with you as an owner will grow as you may want us to manage your property, let it out for you, help you with alterations or just some advice. Our door is always open for a chat and we will always invite you down to our hotel for drinks, meals and entertainment and even come and pick you up for FREE and then take you back home when you are tired.

Being an Orka Homes owner is a very enjoyable experience and many of our owners have now more than one home with us and have also invited many other to join us. We look forward to hopefully welcoming you as well.

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Property Buying Process

Step 1: Viewing the properties in Turkey for sale

Virtually everyone at sometime during their research needs to come over to Turkey and have a look around the various developments and properties to decide which one would suit their needs. You need to have an idea of what type of property you would like, an idea of how much you would like to spend, how many bedrooms and how many bathrooms the property may need to have. Please think seriously about your finances and how you would fund a property before embarking on a Viewing Trip.

Nothing is set in stone at this point but it gives both of us an idea and a place to start with, when viewing property. For example it would not be necessary to show you apartments if you were only interested in villas etc.

When you decide on dates for viewing we can offer you a very special package depending on what time of year you are planning to travel. Please see our PROPERTY VIEWING TRIP OPTIONS PAGE for more details. On your viewing you will get to meet existing owners and discuss their thoughts and experiences.

Step 2: Reserving a Property

If while on your viewing trip you decide that you like a property then it can be simply reserved at this point with a £2000 deposit which can be taken on your credit card. There is a 14 day cooling off period at the point you return home so that you have time to reassess your decision and double check everything. At this point of reservation we would sit with you and discuss the various payment options. After the cooling off period if you decide to go ahead we would draw up a standard contract for us both to sign.

Step 3: Payment Options:

Everyone has different circumstances with their financial commitments and you will find Orka Homes very flexible and accomodating when we talk about a payment structure. You may be selling or re-mortgaging a house, waiting for large payment to come through or have an idea of staged payments that would suit your circumstances. Let us know what your circumstances are and we will always do our best to reach a suitable payment structure to suit. If you have a good credit record then you also have the option of taking a Turkish mortgage for up to 70% of the purchase price.

Step 4: Mortgages for our Properties For Sale in Turkey

Paying your property with a mortgage is always an option and you have two options to consider.

Option 1: If your existing property has a low mortgage and you have a lot of equity in the property then an option would be to re-mortgage that property and use the money released to buy your property in Turkey outright. ( For example if your house in the UK is worth £250,000 and you only have a mortgage of £50,000 then you have the option to release some of the £200,000 in your property. )

Option 2: You have the option to take up to 50% of the property on a Turkish mortgage which Orka Homes would arrange for you with the local Turkish banks.

Please seek advice from your own Financial Representative

Step 5: Turkish Checks

Land Registry Check: The Turkish Land Registry has to approve your application to make sure the land is legal and fit for building on.

Turkish Mortgage : If you are taking a Turkish mortgage the bank will carry out a series of checks similar to taking a UK mortgage.

Orka Homes handle all this paperwork for you.

Step 6: Final Step

Once the property is built and all monies have been paid the property title deed will be signed over to the buyer. Both the land and the property are now owned at this stage on a freehold basis by the owner. This is done at the local tax office in front of a goverment official. At this point the Turkish Property Tax (Stamp Duty) of 4% of the property purchase price must be paid. This is a goverment practice throughout Turkey.

Congratulations as you will now own your property in Turkey

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