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Investing in the sun?

Investing in the sun?

Owning a holiday home property in Turkey  is the dream of many, but the thought of the price tag plus fitting in the time to make the most of it makes it a daunting purchase. On the other hand, receiving rental income and the promise of easy future holidays makes a property in the sun seem a no-brainer. Here we look at  providing you with the info to whether a holiday home is for you…

An obvious advantage of owning your own property in Turkey is the many holidays you can create for yourself and spending as long as you want in the fantastic Turkish sunshine.  This makes it much more cost effective.

When you are not relaxing in the sun and using the property yourself the easy option is renting it out to the huge Turkish holiday market.Renting your property out will produce an excellent income which will cover any maintenance and upkeep costs.

Holiday homes are always appreciating in value, particularly in Turkeys growing property market. The growing economy in Turkey means excellent capital growth, great bank interest rates and rental income.  Compared to some favourite European destinations Turkish properties are much larger in size, will be built on much larger plots and so much cheaper to maintain.

Heading closer to retirement ? Then a property in Turkey as a holiday home in the sun is an ideal option for spending more time in the sunshine or for a permanent location.

It is clear that there is a lot of thought needed when it comes to purchasing that dream holiday home. Whether you decide to make that life changing investment or wish to stick to just renting out beautiful apartments or villas, Orka Homes have both options for you. We can even start that holiday home dream by building it custom made designed by you. Happy house hunting.

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