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Fethiye Walks

Fethiye Walks

Fethiye Walks

One of the most enjoyable experiences is going on a Fethiye walk in the sunshine.

There are many walks available both for the beginner and the more experienced hiker. It is important to remember to carry plenty of water with you as many of the walks will not have a lot of shade and also if you are planning on doing a hill walk then make sure you have sensible walking shoes on. Please do not go walking off-road in your flip flops.

We don’t want to state the obvious but even spring and autumn can be very hot in Fethiye. Take plenty of water with you, especially on the more remote walks, and wear a hat. We don’t recommend any strenuous walks in the height of summer but if it’s hot when you’re walking, take into account the fact you might need to allow a bit more time as you’ll be walking slower. Some routes have springs or water taps where you can top water bottles up. Natural springs can be dry in late summer and autumn, if there hasn’t been any rain, so don’t rely on them at these times of year.

Some of our walks in Fethiye are but a gentle stroll, taking in the scenery. Some of them are lengthy but not too strenuous. Other hikes are moderate – they might have hilly parts but the walk itself is quite short. We’re also including gamboling around and between ancient ruins. And then we’ve got the more strenuous ones that take you off into the them there mountains. Something for everyone who likes a wander.

Turkey’s for Life website have a selection of walks to suit everyone.

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