Fethiye Turtles

Fethiye Turtles

At the beautiful Fethiye marina there are many sights to be seen including spectacular boats, bistro cafe, markets, people fishing etc but the most spectacular is watching the local wild Fethiye turtles swimming around picking up crabs and bits of fish from the local fishing boats.

These wild Turtles (Caretta in Turkish) are a protected species now in Turkey and are very much protected by the locals who are very proud of their existence in their seas.

When you see these turtles please do not feed them human food as it can endanger their health. There is plenty of food in the sea for them.

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Butterfly Valley

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Butterfly Valley is one of the most attractive places in the surroundings of Fethiye and Oludeniz and in 1995 was declared a nature reserve and is an area of preserved countryside. Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz, Fethiye (Kelebekler Vadisi in Turkish) is one of the most magical and beautiful bays of Turkey and is located on the western coast of the Gulf of Belceiz close to Oludeniz which can only be reached by boat.

Its romantic name came from the extraordinarily beautiful tiger butterfly of the Arctiidae family which can be can be seen in abundance in early June. Colonies of these fascinating moths then live in the protected valley until late October. Almost all species of butterflies that live on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea can be found in the Butterfly Valley in Fethiye Turkey.

In order to fully enjoy the beauty of these butterflies and take some memorable pictures of the beautiful nature reserve you need to go to one of the waterfalls in Butterfly Valley. The numerous trails lead from coast to waterfalls meandering among the impeccably beautiful scenery. By selecting one of them you can get to the second waterfall among the fragrant aromas of herbs and flowers. All along the way you will see a lot of bright butterflies that float in the air with the appearance of a living cloud.

After visiting the valley you can swim in the waters of its beautiful bay with a sandy beach. The water in the bay is very clean and has a wonderful turquoise color. There is a small cafe and a shop on the beach where travelers can buy souvenirs and gifts.

Boat trips to Butterfly Valley Turkey go from from Fethiye and Oludeniz beach.

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Fethiye City

How did Fethiye City get it’s name
Have you ever thought why places are given their name ?

Pilot Fethi Bey (1897-1914)
Turkey’s First Aviation Martyr

Fethi Bey was born in Ayazpasha / Istanbul.

He graduated from the Naval School of War in 1907 as a second lieutenant and was sent to Britain for aviation training.

Graduating from the Naval Academy he became an officer in the navy. He was trained as a pilot in the UK and then joined the Air Force as a captain in 1911.

He flew with his navigator Sadik Efendi in a Bleriot XI/B plane called Muavenet-i Milliye from Istanbul to Egypt on Febraury, 8th 1912. His plane unfortunatly crashed on February, 22nd 1912 between Damascus and Tiberias ( Sea of Galilee ) in the valley of Hell. The engine failed and the lane fell from the sky.

Their eternal resting place is in Damascus is in the garden of the famous Selahaddin Eyyubi Mosque. Selahaddin Eyyubi is the famous Turkish Sultan who fought againts crusades commended by Richard the Lion hearted.

In 1914 Fethiye was renamed from it’s old name of Megri and renamed in honour of
Fethi Bey to the new name of Fethiye

Fethiye City

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Day Trips from Fethiye

The Fethiye district offers everything you could need in a holiday destination including beaches, scorching weather, historic landmarks and a bustling town centre. However when you wish to explore more of what the Turquoise Coast has to offer, there’s a host of different daytime excursions and boat trips. There is an abundance of day trips from Fethiye to choose from including the following.

Calis Beach: Why not jump in a water taxi and head across the bay to some majestic white sands and a clear sea beach? Make the most of the activities and water sports then nip along the pier for some lunch, drinks or dinner. The water taxis run late so you can even stay on & watch the beautiful evening sunset.

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Kabak Bay: For a beach less touristy than Calis, Kabak Bay offers a more tranquil experience, absent of lively bars and restaurants. Trips here are frequent on minibuses, however be prepared to venture through some winding roads to get to your destination. For the more adventurous, there are various hike routes taking you to some breath-taking waterfalls, and for those looking for sublime relaxation the peaceful beaches offer a day of sunbathing and chilling.

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Gemiler Island: Gemiler Island offers the ideal excursion for those looking to delve into the Turquoise Coast’s rich past. With multiple archaeological sites including churches, tombs and a variety of significant ruins, the island is considered a hidden treasure. It even has a beach to relax on post exploring, and the journey there and back offers some magnificent views of their own.

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Dalyan: Excursions to Dalyan include visits to thermal springs, mud baths, views of Lycian tombs and a visit to Iztuzu beach where rare turtle breeds can be spotted. This trip is undeniably a unique experience offering a range of activities and experiences that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible. Definitely one not to be missed!

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